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  1. I just discovered your “live 365” station and LOVE it! Please continue to feature one full year per week…excellent!!! I would suggest you keep about 50% of the music rare album cuts / lost 45’s with more in depth news / reporting from the year. . Go back to the “Hot 100” singles or albums from a year and don’t be afraid to play obscure but great songs….like you have been doing…….:) However, every 4th or 5th song play a top 40 hit or familiar album cut to keep us orientated…:) This is potentially an AWESOME station and I would be glad to help in any way…:)

    • Thanks for listening and for the kind words, Jeff! And please tell all of your friends about the station. I would certainly appreciate it!

      Plus, if you know of any potential sponsors for both the broadcast and this music blog, please let me know!

      I hope you will keep listening each week!

  2. Just to say well done – I am involved with a project looking to build a similar station in UK, there is a big market for this music, away from the same “hit” tracks in rotation

    Wish you well

  3. As a 34 year veteran of rock radio, I appreciate the vision with this ‘station’ and it’s goals. I hate today’s corporate classic rock radio stations and their 300 song playlists. However, I have to take issue with the phrase “Retro Album Rock”. I would argue that Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, The Spinners, etc., are NOT album rock. They were never played on “album rock” formatted radio stations, nor are these artists considered “album rock” – or, even “rock”! These are R&B artists and they do NOT rock. AOR formats in the early 70’s – free form FM – were the opposite of what those AM stations were playing. Those AM stations were playing The Spinners and Marvin Gaye (Top 40 hits) while the FM stations were playing Pink Floyd, Yes, Jethro Tull, etc. album cuts – not at all what the AM Pop stations were playing.

    The deep cuts from album rock artists are GREAT and that’s where the name of the station differs from the actual programming on the station. Perhaps “Retro Radio” would be a better fit or “Radio Rocks” to encompass how great radio used to be when you could hear multiple musical genres on one radio station. Calling this station “Retro Album Rock” is not an accurate image of what the station is actually playing.

    This coming from a veteran radio PD who’s worked AM Pop radio in the early 80’s, AOR in the late 80’s to Active Rock radio in the 90’s and today. Other than my critique – I think the concept is great and I appreciate the music. 😉

  4. Very good music! As a person in S.F. in the late sixties there was great music back to 1965. Please consider starting from around 65. Thanks and peace. Forest

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