1979 – New Wave Revolution



Music was rapidly changing in 1979. This thing called “New Wave” was creeping in and replacing some of our good ol’ Rock standards. Plenty of established acts continued to hold their own while trying to adapt to this new movement. We were introduced to new bands like The Clash, The Cars, Cheap Trick, The Police, and others during the year. The decade of Progressive Art Rock was coming to a screeching halt! And as music made its way into the 80s, we tried our best to hold onto all the good times we experienced musically throughout the 70s. The result — an uptempo “clash” of sounds proliferated throughout the year of 1979.  And, we ended up loving all of it!

Also happening back in 1979:

  • Minimum wage in the U.S. was $2.90 per hour
  • The average annual income was $17,533
  • A new car sold for $5,758
  • You could build a new house for $58,099
  • A loaf of bread was 47 cents
  • A gallon of gas was 86 cents
  • First Class postage was only 15 cents

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