1970 – The Birth of Free-Form FM


19701970 — More peace marches and war protests…and then there was Kent State. What a senseless tragedy. 1970 also marked the birth of Progressive Free-Form FM radio stations. They began popping up in a lot of major U.S. cities as an alternative listening experience to Top 40 Hit Radio. Long, deep album tracks were finally exposed to the masses through all genres: Art Rock, British Invasion, American Folk, Bluegrass, Singer-Songwriter, R&B, Jazz, etc. Needless to say, it was a most pleasurable offering to the young folks yearning to discover as much new music as one could absorb. And the new FM exposure drove album sales for many previously-unheard-of artists who would eventually become household acts.

Also In 1970:

  • Minimum wage in the U.S. was $1.60 per hour
  • The average annual income was $9,357
  • A new car set you back $3,979
  • You could build a new house for $23,400
  • A loaf of bread was 24 cents
  • A full-service gallon of gas was just 36 cents
  • First Class postage was only 6 cents!

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