1978 – The Post-Disco Era


Steely Dan - FM Dire StraitsThe Last Waltz



Thank goodness the Disco storm from the previous year had subsided somewhat and Progressive Rock was beginning to reclaim its territory as Rock music’s true art form!

Musically-speaking, 1978 was a good year with plenty of variety across multiple genres.  As for me, I was living and breathing College Radio 24/7 during that year..

This week, we’ve programmed a good show… a true and varied sampling, respective of both your ears and eyes…

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What were your favorite tunes from 1978?  Please share your thoughts, comments and opinions with us….

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1972 – Art Rock Tidal Wave






1972 was one of the best years for Progressive Art Rock!  This year brought with it a lot of musical discovery and variety — heavier British Art Rock, American singer-songwriter ballads and Top 40 Pop standards that featured strong hooks were all there!  As a mid-teen in 1972, my musical tastes were beginning to take shape as I’m sure yours were, too.  It was a blast!

In my opinion, Jethro Tull’s 1972 “Thick As A Brick” was, and still is, the best single produced composition of all-time.  With that said, I’d love to know who your favorite artists and bands were from this year, so hit me back!

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