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Early Progressive FM radio in the late 60s, throughout the 70s, and early 80s was an exciting unpredictable experience.  Retro Album Rock is an online project that seeks to recapture that experience.  Rather than the same 300 songs played to death (like you hear on today’s corporate FM radio stations), Retro Album Rock is an ever-changing mix of yesteryear’s memories — a carefully shaped “oh-wow” kind of listening experience that we hope you will enjoy.

We certainly welcome your interaction and discussion on the site to keep things moving!

But it’s not just an interactive blog about Progressive Rock history.

Retro Album Rock is also an online radio station broadcasting an eclectic mix of rock, pop, oldies, one-hit-wonders, obscure deep album tracks, forgotten artists and other genre crossover material from the early days of Free Form FM radio!

Since a lot of our tracks were actually transferred directly from vinyl, you’ll hear a few pops and crackles from time-to-time.  (Isn’t that cool?? )  This further enhances how we all used to really listen to music.  And after all of these years of listening to CDs…it’s true:  Vinyl actually does sound better!  On the Retro Album Rock radio channel, you’ll hear an intelligent mix of music — a great way to re-discover some new music from yesteryear along with some of your favorite classics you may have forgotten over the span of time.  We believe that each of you forms your musical tastes somewhere between the ages of 15 and 20, and you will keep those same musical tastes throughout your life.  It is our intention to keep those memories alive for you through this online experience.

Each week, the music from a particular year is showcased along with a presentation of lifestyle features from that year — sparking memories of news events, recollections of  popular TV shows, movies released, champions from the sports world, and more!  Plus, a musical playlist with the songs aired from that same year is also posted on our blog.

At Retro Album Rock, we’re always open to your requests!  Chances are that we’ll be able to find it in our deep expansive collection, dust it off, and play it for you!  And we welcome your suggestions, too, on ways we can improve this site, our blog, and Your on-air internet radio station.

Thank you for being a part of our special “tribe” and thanks for listening!  If you come to find that we’ve become one of your favorite online sources for Retro music, please tell your friends and co-workers about Retro Album Rock.  Help us spread the word!


And now a little about me……………

A Music City native, I caught the radio bug early in life at the tender age of 14. I carried my new love forward into college radio, serving as both Program Director and Station Manager of Vanderbilt University’s WRVU (1974-1979), and earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Mathematics from Vanderbilt.  Later, I enrolled in Tennessee State University’s Executive M.B.A. Marketing program.  I’m also a 2000 graduate of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s “FastTrac Planning” executive management program, a 2004 alumnus of Nashville’s professional Leadership Music program, and participated in Nashville’s inaugural Startup Weekend in 2008.

Being a radio industry veteran for over 40 decades, I spent nine years at WKDA and the Album-Oriented-Rocker (AOR) WKDF/Nashville (1976-1985) in various on-air and operational capacities, rising to Program Director of Country WKDA in 1980.  I was also part of the original Alternative Rock-formatted  WWRB “Rebel 100” air staff in the late 80s.

Later, I managed Account Operations at Jefferson-Pilot Communications in Charlotte, NC (1989-1990), and was an on-air personality at Classic Rock KCFX/Kansas City (1990-1992).  While in K.C., I co-founded a national advertising agency before returning to my Music City roots in 1992 as Production Manager for WRLT/Nashville, an independent Adult Alternative FM radio station.  In 1995, I became Director of Operations for the station’s parent group (Tuned In Broadcasting, Inc.) and was named the company’s General Manager for the group’s five Metro Nashville-area properties (WRLT, WRLG, WYYB, WDBL-AM & FM) in 1998.

In addition to a long on-air history in Nashville, I produced and hosted WRLT’s popular “Retro Lightning” program every Saturday morning for over 19 years, beginning in 1993.

I have served on Leadership Music’s Board of Directors, the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters’ Board of Directors, the March of Dimes’ AIR Awards Board of Governors, and University School of Nashville’s Alumni Board of Trustees.  I’m also a member of the American Advertising Federation of Nashville, the Country Music Association and the Americana Music Association.

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