1968 – Experimentation Begins


1968 was the first year of real experimentation in Art Rock. Of course “The British Invasion” was still in force, but a lot of those bands were becoming more progressive in nature with an extended sound. As a result, many three-minute Pop standards gave way to much longer, drawn-out compositions and performances. In my opinion, 1968 was definitely the first year that showcased Rock music as a true art form.

Psychedelic bands like Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge and Frijid Pink all hit the scene back in 1968.  And The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Santana and Big Brother & the Holding Company all continued to lead the way.

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Also In 1968:

  • Minimum wage in the U.S. was $1.60 per hour
  • The average annual income was only $7,844
  • A new car set you back $2,822
  • You could build a new house for $14,975
  • A loaf of bread was 22 cents
  • A full-service gallon of gas was 34 cents
  • First Class postage was only 6 cents

So who were your top bands from this year?  Share your favorites, plus any thoughts, and opinions!  I’d love to get your feedback and your comments.

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